Pet Behaviour Clinic

Educating pets and their people, for a happier life together

Please note: Our animal behaviour clinic is a veterinary referral-only clinic. This is to ensure that there are no underlying medical conditions associated with the problematic behaviour(s). Before we can work with you and your pet, we do require the Vet Referral, Behaviour Questionnaire and our Terms and Conditions forms to be completed and returned to the clinic.

ARU Writtle Pet Behaviour Clinic: a centre of excellence and education

At ARU Writtle we strongly believe that animals and their owners deserve to be helped by professionals who have the knowledge and experience to do so effectively and safely. With the industry currently unregulated, and titles such as trainer or behaviourist not protected in the way that the title of veterinary surgeon is, it can be a minefield finding an appropriate professional to help you. With our strong links to the Animal Behaviour and Training Council, you can rest assured that any trainer or behaviourist you see at our clinic has completed extensive study in a wide range of topics to ensure they fully understand you and your pet.

As a teaching facility, we are dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of behaviour professionals have all the skills they need. Therefore, cases seen at ARU Writtle are recorded for use in teaching, and students may observe or assist in sessions. If this is something you are comfortable with then the first step is to book a free of charge preliminary phone call to discuss your needs and provide you with information about our services. Although we will briefly discuss your pet's behaviour during this call, it will not be the focus as this stage is not a behaviour consultation.  Rather, we will be focusing on what your goals are with your pet so that we can advise you on a suitable package to meet your needs.

Behaviour and Training

At the ARU Writtle Pet Behaviour Clinic we offer a range of services to suit your needs. If you are experiencing problematic behaviour such as aggression, excessive vocalisation, inappropriate toileting and fear/anxiety issues then one of our behaviourists can help you with pet behaviour counselling.

Pet Behaviour Counselling

If your needs relate to a lack of training, for example you have a new puppy, you have particular training goals for your pet, or you need advice on other matters such as introducing new pets to one another, then 1-2-1 training can help you achieve these goals. These sessions may be conducted by a trainer or behaviourist. Sometimes what can seem like a training problem can actually be caused by underlying behavioural issues; our preliminary call will help to identify which service is right for you.

Pet Behaviour 1-2-1 Training

We also host group dog training classes as well as special events such as hoopers, rally obedience and scent tracking workshops.

Group Training and Workshops