Paddock Hire for Exercising

Want to book a safe place to exercise?

Our outdoor training paddocks can be booked by anyone who wishes to do so as a safe place to exercise or train their dogs. The outdoor paddocks can be booked individually or together at a discounted rate if required. It is recommended to book both paddocks simultaneously if you have a particularly nervous or reactive dog and any contact with another dog might be stressful.

Paddock hire rates

Time One Paddock Both Paddocks
25 minutes £5 £7.50
55 minutes £10 £15

Parking and safety

  • Parking is available on site and there is an enclosed dog toilet area just in front of our building which you can use to make your dog comfortable before the session
  • Please keep dogs on a lead until you reach the paddock or training area
  • Please note there is shelter available

Things to bring

  • Toys if your dog/s like to play
  • Plenty of treats that your dog likes and toys if they like to play
  • A lead to walk your dog to the paddock
  • Water and a bowl for your dog
  • Poo bags – bins are available so please pick up after your dog and leave the area clean and tidy for the next visitor
  • Please be aware there is no seating or shelter from the elements so if you require foldable chairs, sun shades etc. you will need to provide these yourself